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Relations Between Parameters in SNI Biodiesel : Total Glycerol, Ester Content, Viscosity and Temperature Distillation on Biodiesel from Palm Oil and Jatropha

Biodiesel or methyl ester is a product resulting from the transesterification of vegetable oils (mono-, di-, tri-glyceride) with methanol. In terms of quality biodiesel namely SNI 04-7182-2006 Indonesia, there are 18 parameters that become the standard quality test. Testing all of these parameters requires a long time and the cost is quite expensive, hence creating a barrier for small- to medium-scale industry.
Among the 18 parameters, there are parameters of the total glycerol content, alkyl ester content, viscosity, and temperature of distillation. Total glycerol is the amount of glycerol in the form of mono-, di-, and tri-glyceride (glycerol bound) and glycerol (free glycerol) contained in biodiesel. The level of an alkyl ester is methyl ester purity of its impurities that can be either a total glycerol, free glycerol, water and dirt. Viscosity is one of the parameters to test the feasibility of the fuel into fuel for diesel engines. Transesterification of vegetable oils will lower viscosity of about 40 cSt to a range of 2.3 - 6 cSt. These characteristics are associated with oil content remaining in the biodiesel. 90% distillation temperature is a method to measure the temperature at the time of the sample distillated 90% by weight. The higher boiling point of fractions is such as triglycerides, the higher 90% distillation temperature is. Several parameters are related to the amount of triglycerides remaining in the biodiesel.
Therefore, this paper aims to study the relationship between the parameters of the total glycerol content, alkyl ester content, viscosity, 90% distillation temperature on biodiesel from palm oil and jatropha. Eventually one of the main parameters was obtained namely total glycerol that could represent the fourth as a means of rapid testing / quick tests that are necessary for small- to medium-scale biodiesel industry.

Keywords: SNI, Biodiesel, total glycerol, quick test

Dikirim oleh: Khairil Amri
KIMIA 2002